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Monday, November 13, 2006

The Space Cowgirl.

This little beauty is my cat, Nemo. Nemo has the most interesting back story of all of my pets.

I babysit for a very nice lady, let's call her N. N has a son who is just about 3. He's the sweetest little boy and wicked smart for a kid his age.

When I was over babysitting one night, N told me the story of why she had a new cat. A kitten really, 4 months old and very underweight.

N's mother lives down the street from me and has a very irresponsible neighbor, who keeps bringing home animals and neglecting them. So the Bad Neighbor (BN) brings these kittens home one day, leaves them outside and goes on vacation for four weeks. No one came by to give Nemo and her siblings food or water the entire time. They only survived because N's mom fed them and gave them what shelter she could.

So, N takes one of the kittens and it lives with her and her son now. However, that still leaves two kittens with no home and a Maine winter approaching. So, I called up my friend R and her family agreed to take of them. I brought the remain one home with me, in hopes that when my parents saw her they'd let her stay. They did.

Nemo is a very active cat. We've bought her a multitude of toys, but she seems to think out cat and dog are the best toys of all. She'll sometimes sleeping my bed, but is more apt to wander from bed to bed during the night. She's happy with us and I think that's all that really matters.

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