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Monday, December 11, 2006

Monday's a Bitch - A Weekly Meme

It's from here.

Ready To Rumble
Who would win in a death match between...

1. The Care Bears VS The Smurfs
2. Barbies VS Bratz
3. Samuel "Screech" Powers VS Steve Urkel
4. He-Man VS Terminator
5.The Power Rangers VS The Ninja Turtles
  1. No contest the Smurfs would win. They'd get down and fight dirty while the Care Bears would be blasting weak rays of happiness from their bellies.
  2. Bratz(although I hate both) most definitely. Barbies are too prissy and uptight to really fight.
  3. Urkel. I mean, come on! We all saw him after he went through that machine. Assuming he does that again, Screech is dead.
  4. Terminator. You don't bring swords to a gun fight.
  5. Power Rangers although I hate to say it. They have better technology.
Well that's it. It was fun and gave me something to post about.


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