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Thursday, May 17, 2007


The planning of the prom was actually big trouble this year I'm a jr. and the the jr. class plans the prom. Normally the Prom is held in the gym and we have grand march before it. Grand march is kind of hard to explain. We you walk out with you date onto the "set" are introduced and people take pictures of you.

Well, we didn't want to have our prom in the gym. We wanted something classier than that, so we rented the River Drivers [url]http://www.neoc.com/food-dining/river-drivers.asp[/url]. It's kind of like a country club and has there floors with a dance for on the top one.

People were pissed. Because it was cheaper to decorate the River Drivers and the Auditorium, we wanted to have the Grand March in the Auditorium. The Auditorium doesn't seat as many people as the gym so everyone wouldn't be able to go gawk at the Grand March as they normally did. We gave each student who bought a prom ticket, four tickets to the Grand March. People still weren't happy.

My class didn't give in and we had the Grand March at the Auditorium, Four of my Friends got King and Queen and Prince and Princess. The "Royal court" was taken to the Rivers Drivers in a Limo and everyone else drove their cars.

We arrived at the River Drivers and ate for about an hour. It was awesome food. We had chocolate and vanilla mousse, fresh fruit kabobs, pizza, and an open bar (Non alcoholic) among other things.

At 8:00 the DJ showed up and we danced. WE did the Cotton Eyed Jo, the Electric and Cha Cha slides. Some kids from dance class did thriller. We also danced to regular music and some other fun stuff. I got the DJ to play Love Shack. I love that song. After dancing the night away, while continuing to go downstairs to eat and cool off, the prom was over. We had also done prize drawings throughout the dance and people won some very nice things. Although the seniors had complained that we were ruining their prom when they heard the plan, everybody had a good time.

Then we went home and had an hour to get back to River Drivers for the Chem-Free. We got to use the hot tub and played some late night volleyball. I went in the hot tub twice the second time it was just me and my date... We sung Danny Boy. We're such music geeks.

I ate a ton of food and then went up stairs where people were watching Step Up/ Sleeping. I felt kind of left out as it was mostly couples cuddled under blankets. Josh, (my date) was downstairs playing video games. How ever it wouldn't have mattered, as I don't like him like that. The Boy/Man I like is all graduated and works out of town about an hour away. He still lives down the street from me though. But, he has to go away for the summer to cook for Congress(!). Saddeness.

Anyway I fell asleep around four and the woke up around six because my friend Scott is an asshole who talks more than I do. Everyone except a few people aka me and other people went white water rafting at 9:00.

I went home and got some sleep.

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3 comment(s):

sounds like a good time!

and 4 tickets for the grand march doesn't sound bad. but then again, my high school only let you have between 2-4 tickets for GRADUATION depending on the year. (so some kids with large families couldn't even have their siblings there)!

i'm curious what people who go to prom without a date or in a group do for the grand march...or is that not an option these days??

By Blogger wen, at 5/18/2007 9:26 AM  

If you go without a date or in a group you can still go out and they still introduce you. Every one had a date this year though.

The problem with the Grand March was that normally the whole town comes to see it and they were angry that they didn't get the year.

We don't have the ticket problem with gradation because we do it in the gym and there is special seating for family members.

By Blogger Manda, at 5/18/2007 6:35 PM  

What, no Macarena?!

I love Love Shack, too. I've been dancing with my kids to it since they were babies (now 6 and 4).

Sounds like a fun memory, Manda. Congrats on all that planning.

Welcome to summer!

By Blogger BestLight, at 5/31/2007 3:29 PM  

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