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Monday, July 23, 2007

College essay.

I need to write my essay for USM, however I have no idea what to write about. One of my friends suggested I write about being Black.

Really, though, how does one write a paper on the Black experience? One can't. There is no one black experience, only common threads.

I can write about my Black experience however. What could I say. How would I put my life on paper? I'm more than just Black, as you can see by my description. I'm a conglomerate of minorities. Tinged by the the madness of Bi-Polar Disorder. I'm a crafter, and a writer. I am so much, yet so insignificant.

Putting life on paper, breathing life into words. Fleshing out the one dimensional. That is what I must do.

Will I succeed? I shall attempt to do so.

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