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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Manda = Bad Blogger

So, senior year year has be pretty crazy so far, and I've be very busy with school work and teching for the musical, The Wizard of Oz. The sets are the most complex ones I've done in all my years of high school. It's been crazy. Opening night is next Saturday, and I don't the tech crew or the actors are ready. I hope we manage to pull this off.

My search for my mother is not going well. I don't wish to write a "happy" letter as the agency instructed me to. My life hasn't been all sunshine and roses. It's been hard and sad many times, with some uplifting moments. I want my mother to know the truth of my life. She deserves that much.

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The agency told you to write a happy letter?!

My first letter to my birth mom... wow. It is so hard, you know? Like what can you write about your life up til now in one letter?

I think my letter was neither happy nor sad. It was very factual and dry. I think the next one I'll write, I'll be more honest and human with a range of expressions.

By Anonymous Allison, at 1/30/2008 2:07 AM  

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