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Friday, November 02, 2007

My first memories...

of adoption.
I've always know I was adopted, it's not as if it is something my parents could hide even if they wanted to. I had a lot of mixed feelings about adoption as a young child. My first though was what was wrong with me that made my mommy not want be. There must be something terribly wrong with a child for her mother to not want them.

I decided that I would be the best child at school so maybe mommy would love me again and I could meet her. I didn't want to leave my aparents, but I still wanted my first mother so badly.

I still feel the urge to be the best I can, so that maybe, when I meet her, she'll be proud of me.

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I just happened across your blog. It made me sad to read this post about your feelings. I am the mother of 10 children, four of whom are adopted. They are the most beautiful, awesome daughters I could ever imagine having. I try to convey this to them every day. Two of them were adopted by another family who asked us to adopt them. I think they gave up two of the most amazing girls.

I plan on going back to read through your posts, but I was wondering how your relationship with your adoptive family is. Have you been in contact with your birth family?

Anyways, I wish you the very best.


By Blogger Christine, at 11/29/2007 9:59 PM  

Manda. Im so happy i found your blog. Im a TRA adoptee too. living in Oakland, CA. I'd love to be in contact. I've had crazy emotions through out my life both appreciating and critical of my adoption experience. I've got an email for black adoptees only. Wanna join? email me!! lisamarierollins@gmail.com

By Blogger Lisa Marie, at 12/10/2007 3:04 PM  

Hi Manda!
Wow, I finally took the time to read all your blog! Love it! I didn't realize just how talented you are in the arts! Loved hearing about your HS activities, your family and views re: adoption. Hopefully you'll always have time to blog a bit too! Take care!!
~diane (birth mom in reunion)

By Blogger Diane, at 2/14/2008 2:57 AM  


I'm sorry because this comment is not directly toward your post. I am hoping, however, that you will take the time to read this, and make a future post based on the following information.

My name is Myriam, I am a French adoptee born in Korea and I am currently interning at the Global Overseas Adoptees' Link (GOA'L), located in Seoul, South Korea. I am writing to you with intentions of both providing you with information on, as well as asking for your assistance with our current campaign.

As you may already know, GOA'L has been supporting overseas adoptees born in Korea since 1998. We are now lobbying for overseas adoptees' right to hold a dual citizenship.

At the bottom, I will include a link leading toward documents about our campaign. There is an information package which contains the specific details about our campaign. Within, issues such as military service and tax responsibilities are outlined. The second document is the petition form. We are hoping to obtain 50,000 signatures by December 2008. To reach this goal, we are contacting organizations and individuals connected with Korea, or with adoption in general, in order to get their help, as this is an issue that could concern all adoptees in the world who are denied dual citizenship. We hope to set a precedent so that other countries forbidding dual nationality could also liberalize their legislation.

We would greatly appreciate your support in this campaign. The info package and sign sheet are available at this address:


You may also contact us at campaign.goal@gmail.com

If you wish to support us, you may give some coverage to our campaign, and also collect signatures for our petition. You may return the completed petition to the following address:
Global Overseas Adoptees' Link (Dual Citizenship campaign)
Mapogu Seogyodong 363-20 3rd floor
Seoul, Korea 110-613
You may also scan it and send it back to me as attachment in an email

Thank you so much!

Myriam Cransac
Campaign Coordinator

By Blogger Myriam, at 7/21/2008 1:04 AM  


I was thinking of you today and wondered how you were. I even asked myself if you went off to college and to explore the world and whether you finally found your mother. I hope you are kicking ass in the world at your age.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8/29/2010 11:20 AM  

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