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Thursday, February 01, 2007

TT 78

Thirteen Things I like to dance to

1. Cotton Eyed Joe

2. Hips don't lie. (Even though I'm not a fan of most mainstream music.).

3. The Cha-cha slide

4. Baby Got Back.

5. Soccer Practice by The Gay Pimp.

6. Evita.

7. Oklahoma!.

8. The Wedding Singer (Musical, which I saw on Broadway!)

9. Random sounds.

10. The singing in chorus.

11. My favorite guys voice when he calls me.

12. My happiness.

13. And sometimes I dance for no reason at all.

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The PAs

As I've mentioned before, I'm a preforming arts geek. My entire life revolves around the play, show choir, one act and chorus. All my best friends are PA kids. I take 2 different 80 minute classes, music theory and chorus, just so I can get my fix every other day during school.

The band teacher,even though I'm not in band is like a mom to me. She's the best. She teaches my music theory class and I love it. Next year she's got the funds so we can have a harpsichord building class. After we build it, we're going to compose some songs for it.

The arts are my passion and that passion burns bright.