Ramblings of a Social Outcast

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Hi. So , at the end of the school year I decide to stop relaxing my hair my hair, and am working on transitioning. The thing is I have know one to help my out at all. I was trans-racially adopted by white parents and they've tried their best when I was little, but still didn't really know what they were doing. My mom did braid my hair really nicely for a while, though. That was until I decided I wanted to be like all the other little (white) girls in my hick town. I wanted the "ideal" (white) hair. I haven't had natural hair since I was 5 or 6. However, I finally realized that the reason I was straighting my hair was my on internalized racism against natural black hair. It's my Sr. year of High School and I want to have my real hair for college. I want to show everyone in this town that Nappy hair is just as good as any other hair. I will not be ashamed of the gift that I was born with. I will not pander to the white male supremacist ideal standard of beauty.

Any how, the thing is I can't even take care of my hair now. It mostly just stays in a ponytail. I don't even know how to braid.
This was my first post to Black Hair Media. I thought I'd give a bit more insight in the crazy that is my life.