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Monday, July 23, 2007

College essay.

I need to write my essay for USM, however I have no idea what to write about. One of my friends suggested I write about being Black.

Really, though, how does one write a paper on the Black experience? One can't. There is no one black experience, only common threads.

I can write about my Black experience however. What could I say. How would I put my life on paper? I'm more than just Black, as you can see by my description. I'm a conglomerate of minorities. Tinged by the the madness of Bi-Polar Disorder. I'm a crafter, and a writer. I am so much, yet so insignificant.

Putting life on paper, breathing life into words. Fleshing out the one dimensional. That is what I must do.

Will I succeed? I shall attempt to do so.

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I'm afraid...

That's a phrase that is though for me to write. My whole life, I'm worked to be strong, to be to the good daughter, the good friend. I'm a people pleaser, I find solace in taking taking care of others. I rarely cry, I don't get angry to other peoples faces very often. I put on a facade of constant happiness.

Yet, I am afraid.

Today, I found out I have PCOS. There is a much higher rate of cancer for women with PCOS. I don't want to die young. I want to raise my future children and watch them grow strong and wise. I want the read all the classics and swim with the dolphins. I want to write a novel and see my nieces and nephews.

I don't want to die young.

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Friday, July 13, 2007

My story.. (part one)

I was born on summer day. It was a c- section birth. Beyond that, I know nothing.

My mother didn't know what to do. Could she keep me? She already had one child and wanted to go to nursing school. What was she to?

She left me at the hospital for three weeks. I never opened my eyes. The doctors thought something was very wrong with me, but they did not know what. Perhaps metal retard they wrote on their charts? Never did they think, perhaps, I missed my mother.

I was there for those three weeks because she was conflicted. Threes is such a short time to make a choice that will affect the rest of your life.

She signed the papers. They hunted down my father. He wouldn't sign until he was sure he wouldn't have to pay child support. He had another women pregnant the same time my mother was pregnant with me. I do not know if it is a sister or brother.

I went to foster care with the hospital directors family. I was there until I was 2 months 4 days old. They overfed me and I was very fat baby. My name was Cassandra...

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